Police Investigate Reports of Shots Fired in College Station

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College Station Police are looking for two suspects they say opened fire near the Lincoln Recreation Center and Southgate Village Apartments. They say the shooting happened just after 4pm Wednesday in the area of Eleanor St. and Luther.

Police say the suspects fired several shots from inside one of the vehicles before they fled the area in two separate cars. They tell us the vehicles are a maroon Toyota Avalon and a silver Lincoln Towncar.

CSPD Officers say they were able to locate shell casings at the scene, but are looking for additional witnesses to come forward. If you have any information you are asked to contact the College Station Police Department at 979-764-3600.


The College Station Police Department is investigating reports from neighbors of shots fired near the Lincoln Center on Eleanor Street near Holleman Drive and Wellborn Road.

CSPD says students in the after-school program that is held in the Lincoln Center are safe. Parents may pick up their children from the center.

A lock down was issued for the center and but no evacuations were ordered.

Police continue to search the area to locate the origins of the possible gun shots.

Police tell us that they received numerous calls from witnesses about shots fired near Eleanor Street and Holleman Drive around 4:20 this afternoon.

Investigators say they believe two people got into a fight and shots were fired. Police say parents were very frantic.

"Everybody's anxiety is high, especially right now, following such a tragedy. Everyone is in high alert and we want to make sure we keep our community a safe community it has been,” said College Station Assistant Police Chief Scott McCollum.

No one was injured.