City Council Hopes To Expand Bryan's Historic District To The West side

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Neighborhoods west of downtown Bryan could see some major changes. Although, rainy conditions may cause the neighborhood to look dark and gray, the city of Bryan has rays of hope in mind. The city wants to make the West side a historic district.
But that means strict guidelines.

"If I see something that's broke down and I need to fix it; I'm going to go do it with or without their permission because I've done that all my life here," said Barbara Hernandez, Bryan resident.

Hernandez says she would rather see the city make improvements to the area.

"We would like to have side walks for the children when they get off the buses," said Hernandez.

City Officials say there are two historic areas in Bryan including the East side and downtown Bryan. They're hoping to expand to the West side of Bryan, a proposal to be presented during the city council meeting.

The City of Bryan issued this statement to News Three:

"Neighborhood recognition and accompanying improvements will over time foster increased civic pride on the part of both the owners of district properties and area residents as a whole."

Another resident says the West side needs a facelift.

"It's a great idea to keep the history going, I mean we grew up with the history of beautiful houses and nice buildings and stuff. I think that it's good that our kids be able to see it too," said Selena Alvarado.

Residents are torn between embracing change in the neighborhood, but some community leaders say this will be beneficial not just for those who live here, but for the entire city.