City Looking At Adding Signs After Drowning

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A 37-year-old man drowned this weekend at a College Station pond, and now the city is looking at ways to try and prevent that from happening again.

Firefighters say they recovered Timothy Sumrall's body from the pond at Central Park in south College Station Saturday afternoon.

The pond at Central Park is a popular spot in College Station.

"There are a lot of people here. Families come here, I've always seen couples having picnics and stuff like that,” said Lauren Bixler, a College Station resident.

Signs can clearly be spotted listing out the park rules according to the city ordinance. One found in the ordinance but not on the list---no swimming in the pond.

“It's just very shocking that someone actually died here,” said Bixler.

Investigators say witnesses saw Sumrall drinking with relatives before he went in for a swim.

He reportedly tried to swim to the middle of the pond, which is 15 feet deep, and at some point went under. A family member called police after he didn't resurface.

"I've never seen anybody swim in there,” said Lt. Chad Phillips with the College Station Fire Department.

He responded and helped the dive team recover Sumrall's body. He believes he might not been able to swim well or he got caught in debris under water.

"There's a lot of people that fish out there and monofilament fishing line that's down at the bottom and tangled. There's a fountain there and there's obviously a water supply that goes to the fountain, and a lot of fishing line gets tangled up in that water pipe that goes out to that area going out to that location,” said Phillips.

Saturday's tragedy is forcing the city to look at posting no-swimming signs near their parks' ponds, but it isn't a requirement by law.

"I think signs are a good idea. Common sense does play a big role to see a pond like that, a lot of us try to think is this the best idea to be going swimming in this place? It is not a designated swimming area,” said Phillips.

No word if and when the signs will be placed.

Investigators say they have ruled the drowning as an accident.