City Officials Consider Big Move for Bryan Golf Course

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BRYAN, Texas Bryan city officials think they have a plan for the municipal golf course that will make both golfers and park-goers happy.

For the last several years, expenditures have been up and revenue has been going down at the course. City council has been looking into options for the course, including a complete transformation into a super park.

"You could have baseball fields, softball fields, tennis courts, PeeWee football fields, soccer fields, water recreational opportunities," said Bryan Mayor Jason Bienski.

Since many golfers don't like the idea of closing down the city-owned course, Bienski said officials have come up with a different idea.

"Transitioning them to a nicer facility for the same money," said Bienski. "It would be the unofficial new municipal golf course."

That new facility is a place many golfers in the area are familiar with. The Phillips Event Center, formerly known as the Briarcrest Country Club, just off Briarcrest near 29th Street.

Phillips Event Center owner Wallace Phillips said it's a nice option for the city.

"We have a full restaurant, new golf cars, a driving range," said Phillips.

The city would pay Phillips $50,000 a year for 20 years for golfers to play at the course for the same municipal course prices.

The city would also get a new senior center. The center would be located at the Phillips Event Center's fitness center. It's about 5,000 square feet of space, and Bienski said it would make a great place for seniors.

"They have tennis courts there, they have a large swimming pool. There could be water aerobics for them," said Bienski. "They can go watch an Aggie football game at the facility. Drink coffee, play a round of golf."

City officials and Wallace are in talks with golfers. If they agree it's a good idea, the item could be on the city council agenda as soon as next week.

Bienski said there are still talks to build a new super park where the Bryan Golf Course is now.

Ideas for the course will be presented to council in the upcoming weeks.