City of Bryan Annual Street Maintenance Underway

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BRYAN- Five Bryan neighborhood streets parallel to Carter Creek Parkway are currently under construction as part of the city's annual street maintenance contract. Many of the streets haven't seen any major repair work since it was built in the 50's and 60's. "Just been minor pot holes and that sort of thing," says Marilyn Colby who has lived on Lamar street off the parkway for 49 years. She says the noise is a bit much, and it's a hassle having to park in the back of her home instead of the driveway.

Crews have closed parts of the two lane road in phases since May, so that residents aren't all inconvenienced at once. Derek Anderson says, " It's been about a month. It ain't been too bad. They made it pretty easy to get in and out. For us it seems. No complaints here."

Paul Kaspar, an engineer with the city of Bryan, says this is a temporary inconvenience which has long term benefits. The streets which were previously made of an asphalt and concrete mix will now be all concrete. "You won't see us back in there reconstructing the roads for a longer period of time than you would with an asphalt street. We would be doing maybe every 10 years some kind of treatment to that (asphalt) surface, where the concrete streets will last much longer in the 25 plus year range."

It's unknown when the project will be completed. This 3-point-6 million dollar project is just one of several projects under the annual street maintenance contract. The work is funded from street maintenance fees that are collected on Bryan utility bills.