City of Bryan to Host Two Public Hearings

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The City of Bryan's Community Development Advisory Committee will host two Public Hearings and one Public Meeting to ask for citizen's comments on community needs, fair housing issues and the Community Development Services Department's affirmative marketing plan regarding the City's 2014 programs utilizing Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and Home Investment Partnerships Program funds (HOME) on Thursday, March 20, 2014 at Neal Recreation Center, 600 N. Randolph, Bryan, Texas. The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and Home Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) funds are eligible to Cities with populations over 50,000 and assist the Cities in providing funds for programs that benefit primarily low to moderate income citizens and special needs populations such as the elderly and disabled. Funds also can be utilized in the revitalization of older neighborhoods where low and moderate income persons and families reside.

Citizens' input is highly encouraged to provide feedback on how these programs benefit the neighborhoods and residents of Bryan, Texas. Currently these programs are being considered by Congress to be eliminated or drastically reduced.

The City of Bryan's Community Development Services Department provides several housing programs designed to preserve and increase the housing stock, upgrade deteriorating neighborhoods, and improve living conditions by offering eligible citizens home owner occupied major rehabilitation/reconstruction, minor home repairs and home buyers assistance. Staff also works with local developers to increase new housing stock creating new opportunities for home-ownership and by providing technical assistance for rental property improvements. In addition, the City funds eligible non-profits who provide health and human services directly to clients through a joint process with the City of College Station on an annual basis, and are the 2nd largest source of funds for eligible agencies in the area.

The Bryan Community Development Advisory Committee (CDAC) and staff will provide information to the citizens of Bryan regarding eligible activities for these grants, the availability of the 2014 public facility application, fair housing requirements and affirmative marketing plan through presentations. The CDAC members, who host public meetings to provide a forum to voice community needs, want your comments on neighborhood issues which are eligible for funding through these grants, such as housing, code enforcement, infrastructure, and access to public service programs.

City staff will also be available from the Community Development Services Department to answer questions after the Public Hearings and Public Meeting.

For more information contact Alsie Bond, Community Development Services Manager or Arthur Roach, Assistant Community Development Services Manager, at 979-209-5175