City of Huntsville Appoints Acting City Manager

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The City of Huntsville has appointed Public Works Director Aron Kulhavy as acting city manager.

The council will meet Wednesday to interview the four finalists for the permanent City Manager’s position.

The individual chosen is anticipated to assume the role of City Manager in January 2013.

Current Interim City Manager Chuck Pinto said Kulhavy will fill the position for the month of December, and possibly for a brief period while the new, permanent City Manager gets acclimated to Huntsville.

"Mr. Kulhavy will be fully in charge of the City's operations until we have a new City Manager in place, which should be around the first of the year," Pinto said. "He'll have direct access to me during that time, but it will also give someone on staff valuable experience as backup.

"Anytime you have a permanent City Manager, it's a good idea to have someone with experience who can fill in as needed. This gives Kulhavy a chance to get involved, and it gives the Council a chance to slow down and wait for their new manager."

Kulhavy, who holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration, said he is looking forward to the opportunity to gain experience in a City Manager’s role.

“I respectfully accept the opportunity to serve the City as acting City Manager, and my goal is to keep the day-to-day functions of the City moving forward until a permanent City Manager is placed,” he said.