City of Huntsville Proposing a Lower Tax Rate

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HUNTSVILLE, WALKER COUNTY - The city of Huntsville is considering a surprising change -- lowering their tax rate.

Tuesday night, the council will discuss a proposal to lower the rate from 0.4206 cents per $100, to 0.4136 cents per $100. The difference is about seven-hundredths of a cent. It might seem small, but the difference is about $90,000.

Huntsville Finance Director Steve Ritter says the sales tax generated in the city brought in more money than they budgeted. He says they expect this year and next year to do the same.

Ritter says the $90,000 difference will be offset because of new taxable property coming on to the tax role in the coming years.

Ritter is recommending the council adjust the tax rate to 0.4136/$100, but there are about seven different options. Some options include eliminating up to 4 jobs within in the city while others suggest up to a 2.5% increase to city staff.

The meeting starts at 6 p.m. You can watch them online at the link below. A copy of the agenda is attached above.

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