City of Huntsville to Require Commerical and Residential Alarm Permits

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HUNTSVILLE, TX -- The City of Huntsville recently amended its alarm ordinance, requiring those utilizing commercial and residential alarms within the city to have permits. The ordinance also outlines penalties for excessive false alarm calls at a given location.

“Responding to false alarms poses a dilemma for the Huntsville Police Department as well as other law enforcement agencies across the country,” HPD Chief Kevin Lunsford said. “False alarms expend resources of the department when those resources could be otherwise used in responding to emergency calls or conducting crime prevention activities.”

To assist in better serving the community, the City of Huntsville has partnered with City Support, an alarm management company.

City Support will assist the Police Department in permitting alarms as well as sending notices of excessive false alarm calls to those violating the City Ordinance.

“If you have an alarm at your business or residence the city ordinance requires you to obtain a permit,” HPD Lt. Curt Landrum said. “This can be done in one of two ways. You may log on to the City Support website at where you can purchase or renew a permit, pay false alarm fees and view a copy of the newly amended city ordinance pertaining to alarms.
“Alternatively, people may go to the Huntsville Police Department to obtain permits or ask questions.”

For more information, contact Landrum at (936) 291-5466 or (936) 291-5480.