City of Bryan Proposes Safety Net for Homeowners' Sewage Lines

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The City of Bryan is working on a safety net for homeowners to fix problems, not covered by insurance, with their sewage lines. Under the proposal, residents would elect to pay a fee of as much as $5.50 per month for a warranty program.

The City would contract another company to do the repairs.

"The consumer experts say don't take out insurance when you buy electronics because it is not worth it in the long run," said Jim Weslowski, homeowner. "This is the same thing."

He is worried about paying a monthly premium to protect the sewage lines outside his home.

"It is a little too high for the amount of protection," said Weslowski.

For a homeowner, the average cost to repair a damaged sewer line is between $1,200 and $3,500. Oftentimes, this is an unplanned expense.

"Homeowner insurance does not cover sewer backups," said Mark Jurica, City of Bryan. "For a small premium fee, this program will repair those defects with no deductibles or additional costs to the homeowner."

He admits there are a few drawbacks to the program.

"We are the middle man," said said Mark Jurica.

So, the city's hands would be tied if the company, it is endorsing for the program, decides to deny a claim based on preexisting damage. It is still the homeowners choice to pay for the program.

"This is a blanket offering for all Bryan residents," said Jurica. "They do not have to participate. They have the option to join at their own discretion."

The Bryan City Council could vote on the proposal as early as its next meeting on April 12.

The city of Navasota offered this program to its customers, late last year. That is about 2,600 households.The company says 163 households are enrolled in the water line warranty. So far, there have only been three external water line repairs in Navasota.