City of College Station Fixing Your Problems Faster Thanks to New Program

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Despite recent layoffs, technology is helping the city of College Station get it's work done faster and cheaper.

It's a web based program that's turning regular residents into code enforcement officers.

"People can log in a code related case or it can be another case, maybe a sidewalk issue or a street issue," said Barbara Moore, with the city's Neighborhood Services Department.

Case in point; A College Station resident reported a pothole on Lassey Lane and because of "See, Click, Fix" that issue was, four other streets were re-surfaced.

Moore said, "You can be anonymous. You can use a screen name."

Due to recent layoffs, code enforcement is operating with three less officers, but even with less manpower, the city is saving money and getting problems fixed faster.

"People put in an address or they put in cross streets, and if they send in a picture, we can just look at it and it's so effective," said Moore.

She says they receive about six entries a day.

Issues are divided into two categories, "code enforcement" and "other."
An example would be blocked or missing street signs, drainage issues, even an obstructed sign in Northgate.

"That's something he felt that people that are pedestrians in that area need to know about," commented Moore.

Citizens get status updates on problems they submit and can even check other areas addressed in their neighborhood...with a click of a mouse.

"See, Click, Fix" started in May.
It costs the city about $100 a month to operate.

You can use it through your desktop computer or download it for your smartphone by clicking on the link below.