Class of 2018 Moves to Texas A&M

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TEXAS A&M - Aggies are back in town, ready to start Gig 'em Week, followed by the Fall 2014 semester.

"I mean, you're at a new place, I'm three and a half hours away from home, three and a half hours away from friend, from people that I know and so it was different, being so far away," said Texas A&M University Freshman Caitlyn Tunnell.

Thousands of members of the Fighting Aggie Class of 2018 flooded College Station Sunday.

Thanks to years of experience, Texas A&M has made it easier on students. They had hydration stations strategically placed around campus today to make sure Aggie Move-In 2014 was a safe success.

Yvonne Herbeck made the trek all the way from California. This is her third time sending a kid to college out of state.

"We did pack and hold at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and so we just had suitcases full of her clothes and then we just bought all the stuff and we picked it up when we got here," Herbeck said.

Even still, she has her concerns.

"[My daughter] brought a lot of stuff. Wondering if it's all going to fit into her room."

Madison Hayden had her own strategy for an easy move-in.

"I moved in early, so I came early, so I came yesterday and so my roommate wasn't here so it was kind of nice to be able to get all my stuff in here and figure out where I was going to put everything without too many heads butting," Hayden said.

Caitlyn Tunnell has already had a dose of the spirit of the 12th man...

"I was sitting kind of by myself and eating breakfast and some people just came and joined me and made me feel welcome, made me feel just really, you know, good."

Looking at the upcoming year, good memories are sure to come.

"I know I'm going to have a great time here," Tunnell said.