Clifford Wischnewsky Being Remembered in Tomball After Murder In Brazos County

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Investigators say the man accused of killing and robbing his own brother in Brazos County last week has confessed, but he's still being held in a Carlsbad, New Mexico jail.

Brazos County Sheriff Chris Kirk says 27-year-old Kyle Wischnewsky lured his brother Clifford to a rural area off Highway 21, east of Bryan, during a fake ATV sale in order to steal his money.

News 3 traveled to Tomball Monday to learn more about the murder victim, who owned a concrete company and was known for his kindness.

It's still hard for some to believe in Tomball.

Familiar face Clifford Wischnewsky was murdered in Brazos County Friday and investigators say it was at the hands of his own brother Kyle, as part of a plan to rob him of $14,000 during a fake sale of ATVs.

Ken Walden knew 42-year-old Clifford as a fellow contractor.

"I just got the news yesterday and I have to say it was a shock particularly knowing him like I did even on a business basis like this," said Walden, a contractor with RAC Materials in Tomball.

Clifford Wischnewsky worked here as the owner of Allstate Concrete where colleagues say he was genuinely a nice guy.

"I know we hear a lot about that in situations like this but for what it's worth this is the honest truth he was a really nice guy, which makes it worse to hear something like this," said Walden.

Richard Nimtz also saw Wischnewsky from time to time.

"Just a genuine person you know and it's just unfortunate. Anytime I saw him he was happy and just full of life you know," said Nimtz.

Investigators tracked Kyle Wischnewsky to Carlsbad, New Mexico after pinging his cell phone.

He was taken into custody at a hotel Saturday morning.

Brazos County Sheriff Chris Kirk tells us Kyle has confessed to the murder and robbery and they believe he acted alone.

The suspected murder weapon was also recovered in New Mexico.

Clifford died from two gunshots to the head.

"I don't know what kind of relief that is for anybody but certainly it even makes it sadder to know that a family member was involved directly with this. So yeah it's a shame we're gonna miss him around here," said Walden.

Missing a man remembered for a being a joy to others.

Brazos County Sheriff's Investigators are in Carlsbad, New Mexico working on the case.

Kyle Wischnewsky's bond has been set at $1 million for the first degree murder charge