Close Call in McDonald’s Parking Lot Ends in DWI Arrest

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A woman was arrested early Saturday morning for driving under the influence, after a close call with a pedestrian.

According to College Station Police, Candace Ramsdell, 21 made an abrupt stop after driving at a high rate of speed, to avoid hitting a female pedestrian in the McDonald’s parking lot located at 801 University Drive. Police said they approached Ramsdell at 2:47a.m., who was driving a silver 2012 Hyundai Elantra.

Authorities said they noticed her glassy, blood-shot eyes, as well as the smell of alcohol on her breath. Ramsdell then told police she was in a hurry because one of her passengers needed to vomit.

The 21 year old admitted she had 2 shots; one at Tipsy Turtle and Social Lounge, located in the Northgate District. Ramdell’s story changed after her sobriety test.

Police said she then denied having any alcoholic drinks at Social Lounge, but had one shot at Tipsy Turtle, Dry Bean Saloon and Hookah Station. Ramdell was arrested and charged for DWI.