Cockfighting Ring Busted in Burleson County

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BURLESON COUNTY - In the 12000 block of County Road 338 in Burleson County is one less ring of illegal activity.

Burleson County Sheriff's deputies responded to a suspicious activity call there this afternoon. When they initiated a traffic stop with a vehicle that pulled in to the back of the property, Corporal Shawn Edwards and his deputies noticed something wasn't right.

"At that point in time, several vehicles started to exit the property," Corporal Edwards said.

Deputies had discovered a cockfighting operation and then detained and cited about 35 people.

Among those cited was former Brazos County Justice of the Peace Romero Quintero.

The ring where the cockfighting and betting took place is surrounded by beer cans and feathers. A grim reminder of the abuse the roosters took as they were prodded to brutally attack one another.

Several dozen roosters are still either boxed up or roaming the area aimlessly.

There's hardly any life left in the ones that are still standing.

There's still no word on who will be able to rescue them.