Code Maroon Issued After Report of Armed Subject Seen on Campus

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*10 P.M. Update*

The all-clear has been given Thursday night at Texas A&M after a code maroon was issued in the afternoon after someone thought they spotted a man carrying a gun.

This all happened about two weeks after a bomb threat forced the evacuation of the entire campus.

Some students, faculty, and staff had to remain inside buildings during the search which didn't turn up anything.

Texas A&M University Police were not taking any chances and issued the Code Maroon after a woman saw a man she believed had a handgun in his waistband near the University Center Garage. The man believed to be in his mid 40's disappeared before police could locate him.

Students, faculty, and staff were advised to avoid the area of the sighting and to report any unusual activity to campus police.

Students like Junior Adaora Johnson had to stay in her lecture hall for more than 30 minutes as a precaution when the Code Maroon was issued.

You may remember around this time two years ago a man was seen walking around with a gun on campus that ended up being a toy gun.

It's still unknown if the man was carrying a real weapon but police are assuming it was.

Many students were worried.

"So we were ordered to stay seated and the history professor kept us in the classroom," explained student Adaora Johnson.

"Most of us were like back up against the back wall. We closed up all the lights, blocked the doors, had people like holding the doors because we had the pull doors," said another student.

"He was last seen walking southbound on Throckmorton Street near the Sanders Corps of Cadets Center. That is where the reporting party observed him, she immediately called us from that point," said Lt. Allan Baron with the Texas A&M University Police Department.

While the all-clear was given Thursday afternoon police are still asking the public to be on the lookout.

Anyone with information on this suspect is asked to call Texas A&M University Police at (979) 845-2345.

Police say the man could face felony charges if it's determined he was walking around campus with an actual weapon.

*Previous Update*

Texas A&M University has issued a Code Maroon. Reports say an armed subject was seen near University Center Garage around 4:40 this afternoon. People in the area are asked to stay indoors.

The armed subject is described as a white male in his late 40’s to early 50's. He is said to be around 5'5" and have a skinny build. He is said to have light hair and was wearing a lime green short sleeve shirt and jeans.

According to Lt. Allan Baron with Texas A&M's University Police Department, the female that alerted authorities said, "she observed a man, with what appeared to be a handgun in the waistband of his pants, walking south on Throckmorton Street by the Sanders Corps of Cadet Center."

Update: Texas A&M says the suspect has not been located. University Police are continuing the investigation. Those on campus may resume their activities but should remain cautious.

If you see the subject, you are asked to call UPD at 979-845-2345.

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