Cold Front Brings Big Weather Changes, Dangers to The Brazos Valley

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After setting record highs in the 80s on Wednesday, gusty and colder conditions are in store for the Brazos Valley today after our latest cold front blasted in overnight.

Blustery Cold Returns

Yesterday it was shorts and t-shirts, today we'll be lucky to find temperatures in the mid 50s to low 60s (and that's without the wind chill factored in). Sunshine will return but with a strong push of cold air blowing through the Brazos Valley, wind chills -- your "feels like" temperature -- start in the 20s and 30s in the morning and at most will be in the 40s to low 50s by the middle of the afternoon. Along with the cold, be sure to tie down or move in any outdoor holiday decorations / lawn furniture that may be in the yard. With winds gusting upwards of 40mph at times, it won't take long for ornaments to get away from you quickly.

High Fire Danger

A RED FLAG WARNING has been issued, by the National Weather Service in all counties but Milam, Robertson and Leon Counties. A Red Flag Warning means that the weather conditions will support an extreme and utmost fire danger.

A combination of dry vegetation, relative humidity falling between 19% and 25%, and winds sustained at 15-25mph, with gusts upwards of 40mph, will be the cause for the extreme fire danger. Flames will be able to spark easily and, due to the strong wind speeds, spread rapidly should a fire occur. Leave the outdoor burning or any open flames out of plans and use caution with cigarette disposal.

Friday Morning Freeze Possible

We'll have to watch the pets, plants and ourselves once again Thursday night into Friday morning. Temperatures by sunrise Friday are could fall as low as the mid-to-upper 20s in many locations and is expected to be down around / below freezing for most. While this won't be a hard freeze that will zap the pipes, you will have to take care of the tender vegetation and prepare for a cold night / start to the day.

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