RECAP: Winter Advisories Expired for the Brazos Valley

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Freezing drizzle and freezing mist caused big issues across Brazos Valley roadways Saturday evening. Thin layers of ice were able to form on area roadways, causing multiple accidents and incidents across the area -- including Bryan / College Station.

12:00 pm Update

The inclement weather has come to an end as our temperatures warm above freezing. The freezing fog advisory has expired across the entire Brazos Valley. With temperatures remaining above freezing through tonight we anticipating weather conditions to improve rapidly through tomorrow afternoon.

10:00 am Update

The FREEZING FOG ADVISORY for Austin, Brazos, Burleson, Houston, Madison, and Washington Counties has expired. That being said, there still may be a few slick spots here and there, so continue to drive with caution.

The FREEZING FOG ADVISORY for Leon, Milam, and Robertson Counties is still in effect until noon Sunday.


9:00 am Update

The FREEZING FOG ADVISORY for Grimes, Trinity, and Walker Counties has been cancelled. For Austin, Brazos, Burleson, Houston, Madison, and Washington Counties, the advisory continues until 10 am.


8:30 am Update

The FREEZING FOG ADVISORY for Leon, Milam, and Robertson Counties has been extended until 12:00 pm Sunday afternoon.

Visibility is still low across the Brazos Valley this morning, so continue to use caution if you need to travel.

6am Update

As of 6am, all Winter Weather Advisories have been cancelled for the Brazos Valley.

A Freezing Fog Advisory remains in effect for a large part of the area, until 10am.

Areas of fog could pop up this morning. Since temperatures are below freezing, it could stick to windows, cars, and elevated surfaces.

Continue to use caution if needing to travel.

1am Sunday Weather Update

A steady, but light, drizzle / mist continues to fall across Bryan / College Station, Brazos, Burleson, Lee and Washington Counties (per PinPoint Radar)

Latest swath of precipitation is currently working towards the Southeast -- into Austin and Waller Counties. Any drizzle that manages to fall will continue to bring the threat of adding a thin layer of ice to roads, especially elevated surfaces.

Patchy drizzle / mist will likely continue, on-and-off, through the overnight hours.

12am Sunday Update

PinPoint Radar is indicating another large area of drizzle / freezing drizzle working into the Brazos Valley from the west.

Most of what is showing up on radar (in the white / gray color) is extremely light. Most areas are only experiencing an extremely light drizzle as of midnight.

Even with most of the drizzle activity over -- for the time being -- the ice that has already formed on surfaces will linger overnight and through the early to mid-morning hours. Travel remains un-advised and if you do have to be out, extreme caution is urged.

11pm Update

Drizzle has stopped falling in parts of Bryan / College Station for the time being. Best estimates, from radar, indicate it falling across Lee, Milam, Northern Robertson, Washington, Western Burleson, and Grimes Counties. Regardless, patchy areas are capable of redeveloping during the overnight hours.

Even with the temporary break in drizzle / freezing drizzle, icy surfaces will continue to be slick (in un-treated areas) through mid-morning Sunday. Travel is still not advised this evening / overnight.

Freezing Fog Explanation

Many questions coming in tonight asking what Freezing Fog is.

Basically, it forms the same way normal fog would here in the Brazos Valley -- the air is saturated with temperatures and dewpoints close or near each other. The difference is the air temperature is at or below freezing, so that suspended moisture (fog) can stick to car windshields, roads, bridges, overpasses, tree limbs, etc.

10:45pm Update

The National Weather Service has extended the WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY to include Madison and Houston Counties (also through 6am Sunday morning).

10:15pm Update

Area roads are being reported as reopen after TxDOT has had a chance to treat and sand over the icy conditions.

9:40pm Update

Calvary Baptist Church in Bryan has cancelled Sunday Service, due to icy conditions developing this evening. All the latest information is being kept up with here.

9:30pm Update

Light drizzle continues to fall across the Brazos Valley. Temperatures are expected to remain below freezing through mid-morning Sunday. Any precipitation that falls will have the chance to freeze to roads, especially elevated surfaces (bridges and overpasses)

Law enforcement agencies from across the area -- especially Bryan / College Station -- are working several accidents this evening. For the latest on road closures and delays check here

A special "sounding" of the atmosphere was taken this evening in College Station -- that to the folks with Texas A&M Atmospheric Sciences.

Due to temperatures in a small pocket, at the bottom of the atmosphere, sitting below freezing, any precipitation that manages to fall overnight will have the ability to stick to elevated roadways, cars, poles, etc.


TxDOT is reporting that every bridge on Highway 6 from Briarcrest northwards to the Brazos county line is now shut down until further notice.

Highway 21 at the Brazos River is also shutdown due to ice.

There are several roads currently shut down due to ice in College Station as well.

Please stay indoors this evening and Sunday morning.