Colder than Antarctica in Much of the Country

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ATLANTA (AP) - People in much of the eastern United States may think they're dealing with the kind of temperatures you'd see in Antarctica today. But they'd be wrong. It's actually warmer in much of Antarctica than it is in the Midwest and the East.

Readings have dipped into the single digits and teens from Boston, New York and Washington to cities like Atlanta, Nashville and Birmingham. A forecaster in Peachtree City, Georgia, says, "This is severely cold for these parts." In the Florida Gulf Coast city of Pensacola, a woman who was waiting for a bus this morning in temperatures below 20 degrees said she couldn't ever remember it being so cold.

Southern farmers are worrying about their crops. Diane Cordeau, whose farm is about 90 miles north of Miami, picked her squash and tomatoes yesterday to beat the freeze. But she says her leafy vegetables, such as kale, will be sweeter and taste better because of the cold.

A heat wave, of sorts, will start moving into the Midwest tomorrow -- when the thermometer in Indianapolis should reach 27 degrees. Other cities in the region could climb above freezing later in the week.