College Station Businesses Inconvenienced By Gas Line Break

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It was the second day of inconveniences for a number of College Station businesses after a gas line break disrupted service Tuesday on Harvey Road.

Repairs continued on Wednesday.

It's a big dig on Harvey Road in College Station after construction crews working on a water line hit a gas line Tuesday morning.

"They responded very quickly. I mean you can tell once they hit it there was a little bit of commotion," Mattress Sleepcenters Manager Kolby Horner.

The store had to evacuate and close for the day Tuesday.

Horner and his staff were now open but working without heat.

"We're playing catch up, but hopefully everybody understands and anybody that was wanting to do business with us will still want to do business with us," said Horner.

The Post Oak Mall Food Court was nearly empty with Raising Cane's the only fast food place open.

And with no cooking gas, they were just serving drinks.

"Accidents happen. It is what it is. I mean as much construction that goes on all the time, something's going to happen sooner or later. Nobody to blame," said Joe Steed, General Manager at Raising Cain's.

Even though construction crews hit the gas line on the other side of the street, that's also caused problems on this side of Harvey as well. Wednesday morning Atmos Energy crews were working to put in a gas line underneath the street.

"The top priority on Tuesday was to get the gas leak addressed. We had to do that first. Once we got that taken care of then our top priority becomes restoring natural gas service to the businesses in the mall," said Chace Murphy, Atmos Energy Manager of Public Affairs.

Michael Ham with Dudley Construction says they were cleared to dig Tuesday and weren't made aware of a gas line there by a gas line marking company.

They were surprised Atmos had a line more than nine feet underground.

"It is not typically that deep. However they're crossing the road here at Harvey so that can be understandable," said Ham.

"We're just glad everybody was safe," added Kolby Horner.

An inconvenience impacting business's bottom line.

Gas is expected to be restored around 6:30 P.M. Wednesday.

The Toys R Us also lost gas service, but many other businesses at the Post Oak Mall including Casa Ole, were not impacted by the gas line break.