Suspected Construction Site Copper Thief Arrested

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For months, copper wire was disappearing from new homes in the Dove Crossing subdivision in College Station.

“A couple months ago, we started noticing our copper lines were gone. It started that the outside piece was missing, then it slowly got to where the entire line would be gone,” said Richard Rudd, an A/C installer at the construction site.

“We've all be trying to keep an eye out to see if we see anything, but we all knew there was a copper thief,” said Kenny Ringo, Ringo Construction.

Police say one contractor finally caught the culprit stripping copper wire in one of the driveways. Forty-year-old Frank Kessinger was arrested late Wednesday night and charged with theft.

“Officers found witnesses on scene. Evidence recovered matched the wiring from the house in the area,” said CSPD Field Operations Assistant Chief Billy Couch.

Contractors say Kessinger was a plumber for many of the new homes under construction.

“Everybody knew who he was,” said Rudd.

“I've known frank for many years, I've worked with him many times. I'm really shocked by it,” said Ringo.

Kissenger has only been charged with one count of theft so far, but contactors believe he was responsible for all the copper thefts.