CS Fire Station 2 Evacuation Lifted After Hazmat Situation

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Official Press Release By College Station Fire Dept.

A commercial pesticide confiscated from a local specialty grocery store by a Department of State Health Services (DSHS) inspector and brought to Fire Station 2, 2300 Rio Grande, caused the evacuation of fire department personnel for approximately one hour this afternoon.
The material is sold under the trade name of Fumitoxin and the active ingredient, aluminum phosphide, is very reactive when exposed to air and especially water.

The evacuated fire department personnel, along with officers from the College Station Police Department, blocked off Rio Grande from Harvey Mitchel Parkway to Hawktree as a precaution.

Fire department personnel placed the chemical in a container, covered it with an absorbent material, and then sealed the container, making it safe for transport. DSHS then took custody of the container and removed it for safe disposal.

All streets were reopened at 1400 hours. There were no injuries.
The College Station Fire Department recommends that if you find any substance that you believe may be harmful or dangerous; you evacuate the area and call 911. Qualified personnel will respond to your location and determine the safest way to render the substance harmless.



The situation has been resolved with no injuries.

The chemical (aluminum phosphide) is a commercial grade pesticide. It is a fumigant and if it comes into contact with air or water it speeds up the chemical process. In order to possess this chemical, businesses must have a license to own and use.

The chemicals were found at the BCS Asian Market near the corner of FM 2818 and Texas Avenue. Officials say the business did not own a permit for the chemicals.


College Station Fire officials have confirmed that Fire Station 2 has been evacuated due to a possible Hazmat situation.

Officials say a health inspector was at a local restaurant when they found aluminum phosphide, put it in the back of their truck and drove it to the fire station. Aluminum phosphide is highly reactive with air or water. At this time, officials are looking for a way to safely dispose the chemical.

College Station Police have shut down Rio Grande Boulevard from Harvey Mitchell Parkway to Hawk Tree Drive and ask motorists to avoid the area.

According to CSFD officials, no one has been hurt in this incident.
We have a crew on the scene and will bring you updates as they become available to us.