College Station Fire Station 6 Opens For Emergencies

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When emergencies like car accidents and fires strike, first responders now have a brand-new place to call their office.

It's huge, high tech and now the home for some College Station firefighters old and new.

Fire Station 6 opened for operations early Monday morning on University Drive for the first time and is expected to become the busiest fire station in the city.

News 3 got a grand tour of the $6.9 million facility and firefighters are still getting settled in and unpacking.

The new Fire Station 6 looks amazing day and night and was built to meet the needs here for the next 50 years.

While everything is brand-new and first class, it's all part of an effort to provide more fire coverage for this very busy part of the community.

From brand-new fire engines, to new ways to refill breathing air, College Station Fire Station 6 is the newest home for a group of very fortunate firefighters.

Their gear is still being unpacked.

Lt. Chad Phillips has been a firefighter nearly 13 years and is looking forward to his new assignment here.

"We do go from Northgate all the way over to Copperfield and we have some of Bryan all the way into Dominic over there. So it's a pretty big district," said Phillips.

The station has a community center the public can rent out, a kitchen Martha Stewart would envy, an outside grill, an immaculate dining room, and several pantries and refrigerators.

And state-of-the art equipment that will be used to save lives

"With the university continuing to grow and add new buildings, we also have the new highrises that are going up in that area. New hotels, restaurants and so forth. The demand is continuing to increase in that area," said Chief R. B. Alley of the College Station Fire Department.

This is the city's first urban fire station. Now when they get a call their goal is to be ready to go and out the door in 90 seconds.

Justin Sereno and his wife and kids live behind the station and welcome their new neighbors.

"That gives me peace of mind in case of an emergency," said Sereno.

"It's grand, it's huge and being able to offer, I guess better, it's great for everybody," said Chad Phillips.

Another interesting fact is the building will also serve as a backup for the city's dispatch center if there's ever a problem.

There's quite a few comforts of home for a very tough and sometimes stressful job.

There were some other life saving things still being moved in we weren't able to show you on camera just yet.

The department's Hazardous Materials Team equipment as well as dive and water rescue gear will also be based at the station.

The public is invited to come out and see the station on Tarrow Street and University Drive for yourself on Saturday, December 15th from 11 A.M. to 2 P.M. and we're told food will also be provided.