College Station Fire Station 6 Responds To 650 Calls In First Four Months

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Faster response times for emergencies and nearly 650 calls have been answered since College Station Fire Station 6 opened four months ago.

The city expected their newest station to be busy, but just not this quickly.

The calls keep coming in for firefighters at College Station's Fire Station 6.

Tuesday morning they were some of the first on the scene not in College Station but Bryan with help for an accident on Villa Maria.

Both cities often help each other out.

Danny Driskell is a firefighter and paramedic here and says they are helping people at scenes and even folks who come in off the street.

"We do get a lot of EMS calls, a few in Bryan. We do get a lot of walk ups and some of the neighboring community," Driskell said.

As calls continue to climb at Fire Station 6, nearly 69 percent of them now, are EMS-related.

Response time goals are improving department-wide with 84 percent of their calls being answered under 5.5 minutes.

The goal is to have a 90 percent response rate under that time.

"Numbers are picking up, Station 6 opened up at a good time," said Bart Humphreys, College Station Fire Department Public Information Officer.

He says 6 is now the third busiest fire house, behind Stations 1 and 2.

"We anticipate the call volume going up just because we're seeing a lot of that development going in, which is really a good indicator what the economy's like in our area," Humphreys said.

"I've heard a couple people come by, stop by and say that they are really glad that we are over here in this neck of the woods," said Danny Driskell.

And as the population booms their help will be called upon more and more.

The College Station Fire Department has seen a 13 percent increase in calls in the area since last year.

The department plans to double the amount of firefighters on each shift at Station 6 in a couple of years, as growth continues.