College Station Hertz Employee Facing Theft of Service Charges

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COLLEGE STATION A Hertz Rental employee is facing theft charges after being caught renting a car to her boyfriend.

Over a three month period, 43-year-old Kimberly Dawn Leonard renting vehicles to her boyfriend at a heavily discounted rate from the Easterwood location, breaking company policy.

On Monday, a Corporate Security Manager for Hertz contacted police to file a complaint that Leonard was "cooking the books." Managers at Hertz noticed the inconsistency in her records. On several occasions, according to the arrest report, Leonard rented a vehicle to her boyfriend without permission from her supervisor. She also didn't use the family and friends discount. Leonard was using the employee discount. Managers told police she was also changing the records to hide the fact that the vehicle was out longer than scheduled.

According to the arrest report, Leonard stole $2,308.32. She was arrested and is being held on $5,000 bond.