College Station ISD Trustees Approve Property Tax Increase, Budget Tuesday

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COLLEGE STATION - College Station residents should prepare for a double hit on property taxes.

The city is planning to implement a rate hike, and the College Station School Board is set to approve its hike Tuesday to help pay for new schools and improvements.

News 3 looks at how much more you'll be paying.

The start of school is just around the corner and helping pay for some new schools is on the agenda for Tuesday night's school board meeting in College Station.

"We're trying to keep more of the monies directed at the classroom," said Glynn Walker, who is the Deputy Superintendent for CSISD.

He says they are seeing less money per student after the state reduced public school funding in 2011.

"If we had the same funding rate that we had in prior to 2011 cuts, we'd be looking at a $3 million surplus not a $3 million deficit," he said.

Last November voters overwhelming approved a College Station ISD bond package totaling $83.5 million.

As a result, property owners will be paying more in property taxes, information the district provided during that process.

The increase means a home valued at $225,000 will pay an additional $246 in taxes a year.

But it doesn't end there.

The College Station City Council also plans to raise their property tax rate after reductions the last several years.

That will add another $60 on top of that.

People 65 and older won't see a rate hike from either the school district or city.

The public forum begins Tuesday at 6:45 at the College Station Independent School District Administration Offices located at 1812 Welsh Avenue in College Station.

Tuesday night trustees approved the new tax rate and 2014-2015 budget.

The College Station City Council is expected to approve its budget in September and could decide on a higher or lower tax rate than the city is currently recommending.