College Station Installing New Sewer Line In Wellborn

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WELLBORN, Texas - Nearly three and a half years after College Station annexed the community of Wellborn, a new city service is coming to that area.

Crews are installing a sewer line for residents and businesses.

News 3 take a closer look at the project and some of the challenges of offering city sewer services in Wellborn for the first time.

The smell of food permeates the Hullabaloo Diner in Wellborn even on a day they aren't serving customers but prepping food.

Richard Risbon, the Manager and Executive Chef, is thrilled to see work on a project finally starting just a short distance away.

"When I saw 'em doing construction I was like you know joyous," he said.

College Station is installing a nearly $1.5 million sewer line as required after annexing the area in 2011. Residents and businesses will have the option of tapping into it.

Risbon can't wait to ditch his septic system. He spends $2,000 to maintain it each year.

"I would like to install another bathroom you know with the volume of customers we had, there's usually a line and with a septic I can't, I can't expand into that yet," Risbon added.

One issue the city still has to sort out is how much to charge these new customers. The residents get their water from the Wellborn Special Utility District and the city doesn't know how much water will be going into this new sewer system.

David Coleman, College Station's Water Services Director, says there is an important step for all new customers to take.

"Bring in their last six months or so up to a year of water bills and we can do an average, figure out what their average water usage is and then peg their sewer fee based on that water usage," Coleman said.

Residents will have to pay the city $400 to connect, something business owner Tony Watson of Watson Signs and Monuments still has to consider.

"It's great I love seeing the community grow and it's one of those things where it's bittersweet I want to see a combination I want to see us keep our small town country feel," Watson said.

The new sewer line is expected to be ready for service later this fall.

In addition to paying the city to tap into the sewer system, residents will also have to hire a plumber to connect their home into it.

Because of this project, the intersection of Royder and Greens Prairie Road will remain closed until 5 P.M. Thursday.