College Station Mother Seeking Justice After Daughter Killed Last Year

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Bryan, TX A College Station man goes on trial in two weeks for the accidental shooting death of his girlfriend last year.

Colin McHenry is charged with unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon.

His girlfriend, Whitney Paskey-Pullen was shot in the head and died.

News 3 looked into why her mom, Holly Paskey, is still looking for answers on how the convicted felon was able to get a gun.

It's been a painful year and a half for Holly Paskey of College Station with 9-year-old Jordyn missing her aunt.

"It's been tough but you know God's been faithful," said Holly Paskey.

21-year-old Whitney Paskey-Pullen was shot in the head on New Year's Day at an apartment on Cain Road in College Station.

Her boyfriend Colin McHenry and ex-boyfriend Kenneth Conner were there.

Conner recently received a 10 year probation sentence after police say he was playing with the gun and it went off in the apartment he and McHenry had.

Now Colin McHenry is facing trial for unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon.

Court documents say he bought the Kel Tec 9 mm pistol from a friend for $100.

Holly Paskey doesn't think it was an accident.

"Actually finding out what evidence that they found which we will get to view afterwards. And going through his testimony and seeing if it matches up with what everybody else stated, and yes um I would like for him to get the maximum," Paskey added.

McHenry's Defense Attorney David Hillburn is fighting the charges and pointed out his client was never implicated for the killing itself, but for having a gun as a felon.

"I'm just hoping and praying that all the truth will come out in this next trial and we will have closure for everything," said Holly Paskey.

A parent's plea soon being decided by a Brazos County Jury.

Colin McHenry's trial starts July 30th at the Brazos County Courthouse.

If convicted of the felony charge, he could face two to ten years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

His prior convictions include possession of illegal drugs.

He was also arrested in December of 2011 for assault family violence.