College Station Residents Use Social Media to Prevent Crime, Meet Neighbors

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COLLEGE STATION For some south College Station residents, the welcome mat is no longer just a way to keep dirt out of their subdivision, it's now gone online to their virtual neighborhood. These neighbors are taking to social media to not only get to know one another better, but to form a new version of a neighborhood watch, in hopes to turn the online chats into more clothesline chats.

It's called "Nextdoor" and it's something the several neighborhoods are trying out. "It's just a really neat thing," said Farrah Spears, a College Station resident.

Spears is a founding member of the social network for the Castlegate subdivision in south College Station.

"People will go on and post, 'Who knows of a good babysitter?' So it is really nice how we can network with each other," Spears said.

Castlegate is not the only subdivision going online. Sonoma residents like PJ Rosprim are taking advantage of the new technology to build a stronger neighborhood and a safer home.

"If they see suspicious cars or this and that, then you can post it on there and be more aware of what's going on in your neighborhood," Rosprim said.

Residents say they have grown closer as a community because of this program, but most importantly, they feel safer at night. College Station Police Lieutenant Chuck Fleeger said it's another tool police and citizens can use to make their homes more secure.

"Our goal is the same as the people in the neighborhood. We want to make this a safe community that people can live, raise their families and enjoy," said Lt. Fleeger.