College Station Urging Water Conservation As Summer Temperatures Arrive

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COLLEGE STATION - With the start of summer two weeks away and summer heat already here, College Station is keeping a close eye on water usage.

News 3 takes a look at what the city is doing to conserve and found a new program that will help residents better water their yards.

Yard work on a hot spring day was one of the first chores of summer break for Derek Witzenman.

The family is adding drought-tolerant knock out roses to their landscaping.

"We've really got to water it only once or twice every other day so it'll be a little bit better on water consumption," said Witzenman.

That's the way city officials would like every resident to think; save as much water as possible. While the recent rain has helped we're still in a drought

"That rain came at a key time so we got almost three inches of rain over a few day period and that really helped," said Dave Coleman, College Station Utilities Water Services Director.

In order to help residents with consumption the city will use $57,000 in grant money to set up eight rain gauges and a weather station.

"Will be able to tell them how much they need to water if at all based on the rainfall the temperature, the humidity, the wind," said Coleman.

A study is also being done to see how the city can best expand its water reclamation project. For nearly three summers now they've used treated waste water to irrigate Veterans Park.

"Right now we're saving a significant amount of water and we're saving it at a critical time during those hot dry summer months," said Coleman.

Coleman says last year they saved about 9.2 million gallons with a target of 25 million gallons with the project.

Keeping the water flowing with many hot days still ahead.

The weather stations should be up and running by the end of of next month.

The city will partner with Texas A&M to build a database for those stations.