College Station Wastewater Bills Going Up Five Percent

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College Station Utilities customers are now paying 5 percent more on their wastewater bills.

Last week the city council approved the changes and the new across the board rate went into effect Monday and impacts wastewater usage, not water usage as a whole.

We're told an average single family home will see about a $1.60 monthly increase, while an apartment around 90 cents a month.

“And the rate increase was necessitated because of expansion of the city. There’s a whole lot of development going on on the west side of town all the apartments that are springing up along 2818 have necessitated that we increase the size of the sewer main that flows from the west side over to the treatment plant which is on the east side. So that project is going to be about an $11 million project over four years and to fund that we had to put in place a rate increase," said Dave Coleman, Water Services Director for College Station Utilities.

Coleman adds the rate increase enables the city to sell more bonds to finance water projects over time.