College Station Woman Fends Off Suspected Burglar Hiding in Bedroom

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COLLEGE STATION- A College Station woman was attacked in her own home by a suspected burglar early Thursday morning.

And the man was armed with a knife.

College Station Police say the woman was asleep in her living room on Milner Street.

She woke up around 5:30 in the morning, went to her bedroom, and saw a man with a knife hiding behind a door.

She told investigators the man pushed her to the floor and threatened to kill her.

Police say she somehow managed to push the suspect outside, lock the door, and call police.

Investigators say sometimes it's a matter of deciding whether to resist or not, based on the circumstances.

Lieutenant Chuck Fleeger with the College Station Police Department says, "This particular person made that decision and it worked out well for her, however, the same thing we would always caution people, there is no property worth being harmed over. But then again, we certainly do want people to do things to keep themselves as safe as possible."

The man got away before police arrived. He is described as a white man, six-feet to six-feet two inches tall, weighing 200-to-230 pounds, wearing a black t-shirt and a black knit skull cap.

The woman was not seriously injured.