CS Woman Admits to Using Stolen Credit Card, Racks Up $1,500 Bill

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COLLEGE STATION - A College Station woman admits to officers that she used a stolen credit card to run up a $1,500 bill.

Kimberly Grace Baker, 43, is facing multiple charges after officers say she stole a credit card and went on a spending spree. According to the arrest report, officers were called to Celebrity Spa and Salon on Thursday. Officers said Baker purchased a $300 gift card with an Amazon.com credit card. Employees at the spa were then notified by the card's owner that the purchases weren't authorized. When Baker showed up to get her card, employees told her there was a problem authorizing.

According to the report, Baker left and the employees called the police. When Baker returned to the spa to pay for the gift card in cash, officers confronted her. She admitted to the officers that she "did something stupid" and used a card that didn't belong to her. She handed them the Amazon.com credit card that was cut in two.

Baker told officers she ran up $1,500 in charges at the spa and buying electronics at Wal-Mart. Officers also found prescription drugs that did not belong to her. While taking her to jail, they found Aplrazolam with other prescriptions that belonged to Baker.

She was arrested and charged with Credit Card Abuse and Possession of a Controlled Substance, Group 3.