College Station Woman Who Returned $20,000 Now Interviewing at BISD

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Bryan, TX A College Station woman is feeling fortunate after being honest last week with a lot of money.

As we've told you, Candace Scott found a bag of $20,000 and returned it to the bank.

News 3 has an update on her search for a job.

Candace Scott says she was just doing the right thing and is now in the spot light for it.

"They say it was a test of my integrity, but I don't see it that way. It never entered my mind to do anything else with the money. It was just an automatic reaction," said Scott.

Last week she found a Chase Bank bag filled with $20,000 on the side of William D. Fitch Parkway. It had just been picked up by a courier at the local Chase branch.

After our initial report and others, she's been getting encouragement from just about everywhere. A man from Tomball offered her $500, inspired by what she did.

"And so I graciously turned him down and you know he said well if you ever find yourself eating beans out of a can the invitation is always open," she said.

Scott is looking to avoid that scenario and is searching for a job as a middle school teacher.

"10 minutes maybe after I had that conversation with Jeff my phone rings and it's an assistant principal from one of the middle schools in Bryan ISD and he did not know that he was talking to the lady that found the money," she added.

Her big interview with Bryan ISD was happening right after she spoke with us.

"There’s something, something good’s going to happen. I know that and we’re going to be ok," said Scott.

She says she's hopeful for the future whether she gets this job or another, and will be accepting people's prayers, but doesn't want their cash.

Candace Scott was a school teacher in the Panhandle prior to moving back to the area.

She expects to find out if she gets a job in Bryan next month.

The local Chase Bank gave a $500 gift card as a thank you for turning their money back in.