College Station City Council Votes Unanimously For Apache Corp. Treated Water Deal

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COLLEGE STATION - College Station's city council voted unanimously on a contract allowing Apache Corporation to bring city water to its oil drilling and fracking in the region.

Apache Corporation in Snook will get city water for their drilling and fracking of between 50 and 100 oil wells east of Carters Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant.

David Coleman with College Station Utilities says the two-year agreement is not expected to cost the city or its residents any money.

The partnership will generate roughly five million dollars in water revenue. Coleman says "Apache has agreed to bear all of the cost to install pumps and take the effluent the last stage of treatment process they're gonna pump the affluent out, pipeline it over the creek and out to the frack ponds so they can use that water for well fracturing for oil and gas exploration."

Council member James Benham suggested using the five million dollars in expected revenue for future capital projects in the next phase of the reclaimed water system

Coleman says everything could be up and running within the next couple months.