College Station to Reach 100K Residents

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COLLEGE STATION The number of people living in the City of College Station has been growing for the past several years. Now, city planners say they're about to reach a major milestone.

The College Station population is expected to hit 100,000 this summer. That's based on city estimates, since the official population won't be calculated until the next census in 2020.

The city's estimates are based on Certificates of Occupancy. Right now, the city is about 200 shy of the milestone.

"It's good to figure out how can we start servicing more areas, versus how do we stimulate growth. We don't have that problem here. We just have to figure out how to manage it," said Bob Cowell, Director of Planning and Development for the City of College Station.

Cowell expects the number of inhabitants in College Station to reach 100,000 in the next couple months.

"What's happening in the next couple months is that we've got a lot of projects that are nearing their completion," said Cowell.

Projects like the new apartment complexes in Northgate, and the expanding subdivisions in South College Station.

"Retailers start looking at you differently, employers start looking at you differently, because suddenly you're a community of 100,000 or more," said Cowell. "We're expecting up to 40,000 people in the next 20 years."

Once the number of inhabitants reaches 100,000, the city council can vote to extend it's extra territorial jurisdiction (ETJ) from 3.5 to 5 miles outside the city limits.

After the 2020 census, council members, candidates and top city staff would have to file long financial statements that would be available for public review if the population surpasses 100,000.

There are less than 300 cities in the US that have populations of over 100,000 people, according to the US Census Bureau. 32 of those cities are in Texas.