College Station Couple Lands on Wheel of Fortune

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A chance trip and some luck got the Aggies on one of the biggest game shows in the country.

"So basically I told Justin, I'm going whether you come or not," said Jordan Mechell.

When Jordan Mechell wanted to audition in Ft. Worth for a chance to be on the Wheel of Fortune, her husband Justin didn't really want to give up his weekend for a shot in the dark.

"I wasn't really enthusiastic about waking up early on Sunday morning to drive to Fort Worth," said Justin.

But the couple went anyway and battled thousands of others for the opportunity to spin the wheel. As fate would have it, Justin would get the call to come up on stage. After hamming it up and playing up his Aggie roots, Justin caught the eye of producers. A few weeks later, he was asked to come back with his wife for even more tryouts. Then finally.....

"Low and behold, we both got letters saying we're going to be on there together," said Jordan.

Justin and Jordan went to Las Vegas and got some one on one time with the wheel and of course Vanna White and Pat Sajak.

"It was pretty cool. I'm not going to lie. You know watching them on TV and seeing them do different things it's the first real celebrity or TV personality that I've ever meet," said Justin.

"And they're so friendly," added Jordan.

But as for folks asking just how well they did?

"We've been telling them that we had a blast and you're going to have to wait until it airs," said Jordan with a big grin.

And the biggest question of all, who was the best at solving the puzzles?

"Me," exclaimed Jordan.

"I don't know. I'd give us a tie," joked Justin while pointing to his wife.

In case you're wondering how Jordan and Justin did on the Wheel of Fortune, the episode featuring the Aggies will air Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m. on NBC.