College Station Man Arrested Six times for DWI

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A College Station man is in the Brazos County Jail.
News 3 looks at how he was still on the streets, driving, after a half dozen DWI charges.

Sunday night a woman called 911 saying a truck driving northbound on FM road 2154 in College Station was swerving, unable to stay in one lane of traffic.
The driver, 49 year-old Desi Robinson, was eventually pulled over in the 2000 block of Holleman Drive.
According to police records, Robinson refused to perform three field sobriety tests.
Robinson did give a breath sample, his highest reading was 0.304, that's nearly four times the legal limit.
He was taken to the county jail.

We decided to take a closer look at his past and found this is far from his first Driving While Intoxicated offense.
Robinson's criminal history shows his first DWI arrest was in 1986 in Waller County.
He was arrested again in Grimes county in 1997 and in '98 in Brazos County.
In 2000 he was arrested two more times for DWI.
His most recent arrest makes a total of six Driving While Intoxicated charges, but this time, he's being held without bail for violating his felony probation.

"If you commit a crime while you're on probation, then you can be held without bail. That's up to the judge," said Brazos County District Attorney, Bill Turner.

Turner says they are seeing an increase in felony DWI cases.

Turner added, "That's why you see repeat DWI's so often, is because the addiction has not been taken care of also."

Robinson was held at a state substance abuse facility for nine months.
Even with six DWI Charges against him, Robinson has never gone to prison.
To this day, he's only served 12 days in the Brazos County jail.

In Texas, your first DWI can earn you up to 180 days in jail.
A 2nd DWI offense is punishable by up to one year in jail.
A 3rd DWI is considered a third degree felony and punishable by up to 10 years in jail.

A motion to revoke Robinson's probation is also pending.