College Station Man Wins $1 Million Texas Lottery Prize

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On a recommendation from a clerk at DD’s Express Mart, 600 Graham Road in College Station, Steve Muller of College Station purchased a $10 Texas Lottery® Black scratch-off ticket.

The ticket wasn’t a winner, so Muller asked for one more. When he scratched the second ticket, it revealed the first of six top prizes of $1 million each in the game, but this isn’t the first prize won by this Texas Lottery® player.

“I won $5,000 on a $3 ticket, and I won $1,000 on a $1 ticket,” explained Muller. “Here’s the key to playing the lottery – Play what you can afford and don’t expect to win, just have fun.”

For selling the winning ticket, the store is eligible for a $10,000 retailer bonus.

Muller is a regular customer at DD’s Express Mart and said, “I’m glad they are getting something, too. They all work hard over there.”

“Every so often, we hear about winners who bought their lucky tickets based on the retailer’s recommendation, and it reminds us that our retailers are out there every day working to provide a positive experience for our customers,” said Texas Lottery Commission Executive Director Gary Grief. “Thanks in part to the hard work of our retailers, we had our fourth best sales year ever in fiscal year 2010, and sales for fiscal year 2011 are currently more than $6 million ahead of sales for the same time period last year.”

Introduced one week ago, the Texas Lottery® Black ticket features more than $44 million in total prizes. Five top prizes of $1 million and 15 second-tier prizes of $10,000 currently remain unclaimed. Overall odds of winning any Texas Lottery® Black prize are one in 3.32, including break-even prizes.

Asked about his plans for the prize money, Muller responded, “I’ll pay off whatever I owe. Then I’m going to Vegas. I’m hot now.”

Tomorrow’s Mega Millions® jackpot is an estimated $63 million. Wednesday’s Powerball® jackpot is an estimated $20 million, and the Lotto Texas® jackpot is an estimated $18 million.

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