Construction Crews Putting the Finishing Touches on Kyle Field

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COLLEGE STATION It's the two minute warning. More like a two day warning.., before game day.

Texas A&M officials say all the major work for the first half of the renovations is done, but there's still lots to do. Greg McClure with Manhattan Construction says, "Crews are touching up paint, grinding metal rails, tweeking the seats to make sure everything is secure."

Crews are working around the clock powerwashing concrete, putting materials in their place and sweeping up debris. All things McClure says will be complete in time for kickoff. "The last 24 hours has been a lot of safety walks to make sure that we have everything that no one can get hurt. We've really focused on that the last 24 hours, making sure it's a safe workable building for everybody to come in and enjoy the game."

Stadium lights, the score board and the sound system have been checked on for weeks and are ready to go.

Friday evening A&M officials will unveil the new statue of E. King Gill, the original 12th man along with four other statues.