Construction Debris Landfill To Be Built Outside CS

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A construction debris landfill planned for land just outside the College Station city limits is now a go.

A landfill isn't exactly what John Bounds thought would sit in his neighborhood.

"The height, the traffic, and the possibility of air and water pollutants,” said Bounds.

He is one of dozens of residents that are part of a group called 'Concerned Citizens For Safety Health and Justice.' Members are opposed to Brazos Valley Recycling constructing a landfill, that is, until an agreement was reached.

"It's the best deal we can get and not spend a ton of money that we don't have,” said Bounds.

The location is the same. The 32-acre wide landfill would be built near the intersection of FM 60 and Highway 47, about three miles from Easterwood Airport.

Instead of being 111 feet tall, the company decided to reduce the height to 75 feet.

Brazos Valley Recycling would also give $25,000 to the community for neighborhood improvements, and $20,000 over the next four years.

"Well I am relieved that it is over. I feel like it is something that won't have quite the impact on our community or nearly the impact on our community that it could have had,” said Bounds.

The owner of Brazos Valley Recycling says he couldn't give us specifics of the agreement as part of the agreement, but he did say that construction of the landfill will likely begin this year.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has not approved a permit yet, but the owner of Brazos Valley Recycling says it is pretty much a done deal after the agreement was reached.

Construction is expected to be completed in the next 2 years.