Construction Reaches Milestone on Bryan College Main Street Renovations

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A major makeover is taking shape between Bryan, College Station and Northgate.

News 3 looked into the new look, safety improvements and better lighting being built on Bryan's College Main Street

It's a building blitz of busy work here in Bryan.

A new streetscape of concrete, infrastructure and scenery are coming to life.

Tom Schmitz has lived at Raven's Glen Town Homes for three years and thinks the project is worth the temporary driving hassles.

"It's been difficult on the parking of the cars and the in and out. But I think it's gonna be worth it because not only from aesthetics you know and making this a nicer environment to live in," said Schmitz.

The project is more than halfway completed and is ahead of schedule too. When it's all said and done they'll be streetlights on both sides of the street with sidewalks just like this and bike lanes as well.

Mauricio Coen is a Junior at A&M and bikes this way everyday to class.

"But now with the new bike lanes it's safe. You can bike without worrying about your health every single day," he said.

Susan Monnat is a Staff Civil Engineer for Bryan and says this has been in the works for about ten years now.

BTU will be burying their power lines underground while a roundabout has opened too.

"Traffic lights run about $200,000 to $250,000. For an approximate $65,000 we were able to build the roundabout and that will actually increase the amount of traffic that that intersection can handle for years to come," Monnat explained.

"I'm just real pleased that we're able to benefit from this, so I'm thankful that the city did this," Schmitz said.

A benefit for residents and travelers right on the dividing line of Bryan and College Station.

Detours for Aggie Spirit buses will remain in effect during the project and vehicles are only be able to head southbound on College Main Street between Old College Road and Spruce Street.

The $2.8 million project is expected to be completed as early as March.