Construction Worker Arrested for Drug Possession

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COLLEGE STATION A construction worker is facing Drug Possession charges after police say they found marijuana inside his truck at the Northpoint Crossing development.

Andrew Fletcher Kalanz, 32, was arrested Thursday morning at the construction site. According to the arrest report, an officer had just turned south on University Wednesday night when he saw two men coming down a ladder with flashlights. The officer thought that given the time of night, the men might have been thieves. When he found the entrance to the construction site, the gate was partially open. In the report, the officer says he went back to the area where he saw the men and found a black truck parked under the structure.

According to the report, the officer found another man inside the truck named Randy Chappell. As the officer got closer to the truck, he noticed a 4-inch water bong in the door pocket. Chappell told the cop that he was waiting on his co-workers and that he didn't smoke marijuana. While the officer was talking to Chappell, Kalanz and another man, Thomas Kay, came back to the truck. Kalanz told cops the truck was his. According to the report, Kalanz told police that he and his co-workers were asked to stay late and clean up a specific area at the site.

Kalanz then admitted to owning the bong and told the officer there was marijuana inside the truck. According to the arrest report, Kalanz admitted to buying the marijuana earlier in the day and smoking a "bowl" earlier. The officer searched Kalanz and found a methamphetamine pipe.

He was arrested and charged with Possession of Mariuana, Possession of a Controlled Substance and Possession of Drug Paraphenalia. He is in the Brazos County Jail under $2,445 bond.

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