Construction Worker Killed While Putting Up Safety Signs

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A 27-year-old highway construction worker was killed when police say he was trying to put up road safety signs.

The accident happened around 8:30 this morning in Conroe on the I-45 feeder road near State Highway 105.

Police say a Williams Brothers construction truck was pulling an 18-foot trailer loaded with highway safety signs.

The truck was stopped in the left lane just south of the exit ramp from I-45.

Police say the worker, Joel Vega, was putting temporary caution signs along the roadside for drivers before their work began.

Kimberly Vick, 39, was southbound on the feeder, also on the left lane, and police say for some reason, her vehicle struck the trailer, flipping it.

Investigators believe Vega was between the truck and trailer when the accident happened.

Vega was pronounced dead on the scene by police.

Investigators are trying to figure out if Vick was able to see the caution arrows on top of the truck.

No cause of the accident has been determined yet.