Construction at FM 2818 & Villa Maria in its Final Stages

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BRYAN Construction on the 28-18 and Villa Maria Overpass began in 2012 and crews are working day and night to get the project finished by summer.

TXDot Officials say they're more than halfway through with their work at the intersection, which is one of the busiest in the area.

In an effort to keep up with a growing population the intersection needed a major face-lift. These are pictures taken from the hard hat zone at night where crews have closed down lanes to install part of the overpass over 2818. Construction is in its third phase which means crews are installing the 28-18 overpass over Villa Maria Road. Lane closures have taken place from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 in the afternoon. In addition to the overpass, TXDOT says turnaround lanes under the bridge are going to be constructed so that drivers can make U-turns on FM 2818. One-way ramps will provide access to and from each roadway.

“Bryan-College Station is growing,” said TXDot Public Information Officer Bob Colwell. “We've got an estimate that about two-million folks coming and as you can see the economy is good and so we're trying to keep up with the roadways to move people because we don't want people stuck in traffic.”

The project is estimated to be finished by Summer of 2014.