Cops Stop Man Accused of Stealing Tablet, Smartphone from Target

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BRYAN Bryan Police officers, along with Asset Protection employees, catch a man they say stole a tablet and smartphone from the Target in Bryan.

On Monday, officers were called to the Targert store at 3061 Wildflower. Employees there said a man wearing a red striped polo-type shirt move through the store. Target employees watched him enter a bathroom and then leave the store. They called police and gave a description of the vehicle.

Officers stopped the vehicle on Highway 6. The driver, 52-year-old Terry Joseph Tavano, was asked if he had any electronics in the car. According to the arrest report, he told cops about the tablet under the front passenger seat. Officers also found a Samsung smartphone in the car. Targert employees were able to identify both as stolen from the store.

Tavano was arrested for Theft of Property, less than $1,500. He has previous theft convictions in 2002, 2003, and in 2005. He was booked into the Brazos County Jail with no bond set.