Corpus Christi-Fattest City No More?

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CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas Once dubbed America's fattest city, Corpus Christi is now taking small steps to trim its collective waistline.

The Corpus Christi Caller Times reports that a new wave of gyms and fitness facilities have opened locally, as have new farmers markets. Fun runs have grown in popularity.

In 2010, Men's Health magazine dubbed the city "Corpulent Christi" and designated it the fattest city in the country.

Type 2 diabetes rates are still double the national average. Four in 10 people locally are obese.

Corpus is also the birthplace of Whataburger and has more fast-food restaurants per capita than the national average.

But local officials have been working to shake the perception that the city is unfriendly to joggers and cyclists and shuns healthy eating choices.