Couples Getting Engaged at Queen Theatre in Downtown Bryan

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BRYAN - The Queen Theatre has become more than an historic and iconic part of the downtown Bryan community. For several couples in our area, it's where they got engaged.

Josh Landman says he just knew when it was time to take his relationship to the next level.

"When I couldn't imagine being without her was when I realized, 'Hey, I'm going to marry this girl'," said Landman.

What he didn't know was where he should pop the question.

"We'll have the guys call us and say, 'I want to do this for my fiance, but I need some help.' So we help them figure out what they want to say," said Sandy Farris, Downtown Bryan Association.

For over a year now, the Downtown Bryan Association has made the Queen Theater marquee available for rent.

"We saw Eli Young in concert, so it said 'Crazy girl, don't you know I love you'," said Landman.

More and more people are placing personalized messages on the marquee. Seven people have proposed in front of the Queen Theatre so far, and other people have used it for wedding anniversaries, birthdays, and save the dates.

Each message is different, and they usually reflect the personalities of the people involved.

"It's just been a lot of fun," said Farris. "It makes people smile, it makes people happy and we're just thrilled that they use downtown Bryan for their big announcement."

Landman's now-fiancee, Whitney, said yes. The couple will be married in June.

Queen Theatre marquee rentals go through the Downtown Bryan Association. It costs a$100 to put up a personalized message, then $50 for every day it stays on the marquee.