Couples Tie the Knot on 12-12-12

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For most people, 12-12-12 is a date that only happens once in a lifetime.
For several couples in Brazos County, Dec. 12th, 2012 is now a day they'll never forget.

Meng Fanwu and her now-husband, Jing Jeng Zhou, are both from China, but it wasn't until they moved to College Station that they met and fell in love.

The young couple says getting married on this date is good luck.

“Three 12's, this date is a good blessing,” said Fanwu. She says three 12's means “all the love and happiness” in Chinese culture.

Just a few miles away, another couple had the same idea.

“We are getting married. 12-12-12 is never going to happy again for us...once in a life time,” said Victoria Rios and her groom, Raymond Lopez.

Graham and Sandra Schooley were married Wednesday as well. The Schooleys say they've loved each other for years, and it was time to make it legal.

“It'll never happen again,” said Graham Schooley.

“And I'll hit him if he forgets! He'll remember this date,” Sandra added.

Each couple had a different reason for getting married on this rare date, but the reason for getting married was the same.

“She is the girl I'm looking for for long time, so I can't wait anymore to get married,” said Zhou.

At least seven couples were married at Brazos County courts Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2012.