Court's Saddlery Moving To New Building In Brazos County

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A longtime Bryan business will soon move to a new location after a massive fire forced them out of Downtown more than two years ago.

Now it's a fresh start Court's Saddlery is finally getting, but they won't be back in Bryan.

It was a great loss in Downtown Bryan for the Court Family.

As part of their livelihood and legacy went up in flames in January 2011.

Court's Saddlery had called Bryan home since 1956. Kathy Court was shaken in the days after.

"We will rebuild. We will, right now we're not exactly sure where," she said in a January 18, 2011 interview.

And her predictions to move forward are now coming true.

Two weeks ago they bought a set of buildings next to Ashley Furniture on Highway 30 in Brazos County where they are preparing to move in.

"I mean it's been a challenging two, a little over two years but we've learned a lot, we've grown a lot and now it's time to move on and that's what we're trying to do," said Kathy Court.

The racks are already being built that will hold tack items like horse bridles and reigns. In the coming months all of Court's Saddlery's 34 employees will be working under one roof.

Since the fire they were scattered around four locations in Bryan. City officials had said they'd been working to find a new location.

"Their saddles are known throughout the world and and it's a significant loss here for our downtown family," said Mayor Jason Bienski, during a January 10, 2011 interview.

"They are a part of our history and we want to preserve that...We are trying to offer options, land swap is one of them," explained Bryan Deputy City Manager Joey Dunn, during an interview on May 11, 2011.

Court's had been grandfathered into Downtown, but when the building went up in flames, so did the business's ability to stay.

Mrs. Court says they couldn't reach an agreement with Bryan.

"I'm not gonna say someone dropped the ball. I'm just gonna say it just didn't work out. We had to go into a different direction and we were very fortunate to find this building available. It's just one of those things that just happened," she said.

But that's in the past. Now, they move forward.

"We probably would not be in the position we are today without the support from a lot of different people," Court added.

Grateful for so much encouragement from Bryan / College Station through this painful process of bouncing back.

No one was injured in the fire in January 2011, which was ruled an accidental electrical fire.

Court's Saddlery should open up in the next 40 to 60 days.

While they have a College Station address, the industrial park is actually in the county which will receive property and sales taxes.

Bryan City officials say they had been working on finding a new location for the Courts, but that the vacant buildings ended up being a better fit instead of trying to build brand new.